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Welcome, friends! 

I've been wanting to do this project for months, and here it finally is. 

In 2016, we participated in a group journaling project in which we followed weekly journaling prompts for the entire year.  Those prompts each had their own hashtags.  We then connected with each other by posting our journal pages on social media, tagging them with the hashtags, and finding each other on those social media outlets. 

The focus last year was on Gratitude52.  This year it will be centered around "YouMatter".  Project will end on January 31st, 2018.

(For those of you who aren't familiar with my story and my "why" behind this project, you can read more about it on my blog.)

See the video below for my own completed journal.  You can also check out our existing instagram page where many other artists shared their beautiful pages.  


Who is This Project For?


This FREE journaling project is for:

  • Mamas, makers, creatives, and kind-hearted souls

  • Anyone who wants to take a few moments each week to discover (or uncover) her worth through journaling, art, creativity, and an online connection with other creatives.

  • Artists at any level.

  • Anyone who wants to develop a stronger and healthier relationship with herself, with other individuals, and with her Maker.


What Supplies Will You Need?


Your journal is an extension of you.  With that in mind, use what feels most comfortable to you.  You're welcome to use colored pencils, acrylic, watercolor, bits of torn up paper, a plain old #2 pencil, etc.

I'll personally be using the following:

  • journal by Stillman & Birn

  • watercolors by Schmincke

  • pigment pen by Staedtler

  • artist pencils

You can find a list of what I recommend in further detail here. 

What Will You Receive?


When you sign up for the YouMatter Journaling Project, you'll receive the following (for FREE):

  • A downloadable calendar delivered to you every month, centered on a You Matter "theme"

  • Weekly journaling prompts delivered directly to your email every Saturday to support the YouMatter monthly theme.

  • Guidance through those prompts to help you uncover your individual strengths, your calling, your purpose, your worth, and your gifts.

  • Inspiration and tips to strengthen your journaling practice, honor your creative spirit, and develop your own unique expression through art.

  • The chance to be featured in YouMatter articles.

  • Connection with other artists and creatives.

How Do You Sign Up?


Simply sign up here! 

Once you sign up, you'll begin receiving weekly journaling prompts sent to your email address every Saturday.  We start together on November 1st.

Note:  the **only way** to receive these prompts is to sign up by email.

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