Month 1, Prompt 1

Our first weekly prompt is here!
Let's get started:

    By definition, a gift is something that is freely given to another person.
    É¡ift/ noun: gift; plural noun: gifts

    1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

    2. a natural ability or talent

    When I think of gifts, I picture that the giver usually gives them with love and thoughtfulness.  I believe that God not only has given us spiritual gifts (....that prompt is coming next week), but that He's also given us natural talents and abilities that are specific and special to each one of us.  I believe that God smiles when He sees us take joy in those gifts.  Think about your own experience when you give gifts at Christmastime, birthdays, or just-because.....  How does it feel when someone half-smiles and tucks the gift way?  Not so good, right?  But it does feels pretty awesome when the receiving person opens up that gift and lights up with appreciation and pride, doesn't it? 

    What are your natural gifts?

    Perhaps one of your gifts could be art / creativity / journaling.  Perhaps it's the gift of gentleness.   Maybe it's the ability to make delicious meals for your family.  Maybe it's organization.  Maybe it's business planning.  Maybe it's poetry, public speaking, or the ability to make people laugh.  Maybe it's the gift of corralling and educating 20 preschool kids every day in your preschool class. 

    What comes naturally to you?
    What might be something about yourself that you take for granted?

    I can't wait to see you what you create in your journals.

    Notes & Tips:

    • If you've not already downloaded our monthly Calendar for November, you can do that here
    • Share away images of your pages so that we can find each other!  You can share your journal pages on social media using the hashtag #Youmatterjournaling.  This particular prompt can also be found under #YouMatterJournalingPrompt1 .  
    • The best way to increase the likelihood of your images being reposted at @youmatterjournaling would be to photograph your journal pages in natural lighting with a white background. 
    • If you need some creative inspiration, check out our archived images under the prior project, Gratitude 52:

    Happy creating,

    Jennifer Frith