Month 1, Prompt 2

I love seeing your pages on Instagram so far this past week!  You're all an inspiration to me.  Keep 'em coming.

Here is your 2nd YouMatterJournaling prompt in our month of Gratitude:

    Spiritual Gifts

    Last week we reflected on being thankful for our natural gifts and abilities.  This week we'll explore and celebrate our spiritual gifts.

    Now before we get into this, I believe that we're not just physical beings, but we're spiritual beings as well.  Biblical writing shares how we've each been given supernatural gifts in our walk with God, not just for our own well-being but for the purpose of building up and looking out for those around us.  Those spirituals gifts could include:

    • Administration (the love of details and keeping stuff in order)
    • Arts & Crafts (working with your hands)
    • Hospitality
    • Service
    • Teaching
    • Discernment (having a clear recognition of right and wrong)
    • Evangelism (sharing the Good News with strangers)
    • Encouragement
    • Faith
    • Giving
    • Healing
    • Helping
    • Hospitality
    • Prayer
    • Knowledge
    • Leadership
    • Mercy (being a good support)
    • Miracles
    • Pastoring
    • Prophecy (having spiritual insight)
    • Interpreting Language
    • Words of Wisdom

    This website describes those gifts in more detail.  There are also assessments online that you can take to help clarify what your spiritual gifts might be, like this one here;  however, if you're not already aware of what your spiritual gifts are, I recommend first taking a moment to quiet yourself in prayer or meditation and ask Him to reveal what those gifts are to you.  You can read more about spiritual gifts in Romans 12:4-6, I Peter 4:10, and I Corinthians 12 to learn more.

    With that said,

    What are your spiritual gifts?   

    How can you use what you've been given to build up those around you?

    How is the world a little bit better because of the gifts you've been given?

    I can't wait to see you what you create.

    Notes & Tips:

    • Sometimes examining the OPPOSITE of a thing (an aversion) can help you narrow down what your gifts are.  For instance, I'm not big on having people over at my house (as much as I love people, I'm an introvert, and that's just permitting too much anxiety in my life :D), so Hospitality would be out for me.  However, if you love gatherings and making people feel warm and welcome in your home, your spiritual gift might be Hospitality.
    • Need some creative inspiration?   Maybe once you've named your spiritual gift, you could cut out letters from old magazines to form that word and then paste it big and bold into your journal.  Or, maybe you could sketch something in your journal that symbolizes your spiritual gifts.

    Be sure to share images of your pages so that we can find each other!  You can share your journal pages on social media by using the hashtag #Youmatterjournaling.  This particular prompt can also be found under #youmatterjournalingprompt2 . *** Just note:  your profile will need to be set to public so that we can see them.

    See you on Instagram!


    Jenny Frith