Month 1, Prompt 4

Here is your 4th YouMatterJournaling prompt in our YouMatter month of Gratitude:

    Your Unique Qualities

    "We should love ourselves – not in a selfish, self-centered way that produces a lifestyle of  self-indulgence, but in a balanced, godly way, a way that simply affirms God's creation as essentially good and right." - Joyce Myers, How to Succeed at Being Yourself

    This week we will celebrate the things that make us special and unique.

    Maybe it's something unique about your physical self, like the freckles on your face, or your 6'0" height and your love of heels.  Or maybe it's your long, curly hair.  Or maybe it's something about your personality:  a quiet disposition, a love of books.  Or your Italian Heritage.  Or a love of big gatherings, a love of skiing or knitting, or a natural inclination to be bold and boisterous.

    What is it that makes you, you?   How do they make you different?  Do you embrace those qualities or shirk them off?


    • For what unique qualities about yourself are you most thankful?

    • What might be something different about you that you could better embrace?

    I can't wait to see you what you create.

    Book Recommendation

    Also, the best way to be featured on Instagram would be to photograph your pages in natural lighting on a white background.

    See you soon!


    Jenny Frith