A Theme of Identity

Our YouMatterJournaling theme for last month was all about Gratitude for ourselves.  This month we're going to explore and celebrate our Identity.  If you've not already downloaded the December calendar with our theme and prompts listed, you can do so here.  

    Month 2, Prompt 1

     Your Name

    "Words have meaning and names have power."

    ~Author unknown

    When I was 6 years old, I went to a preschool with another girl named Jennifer.  On our first day of school, the two us of us stood together by the bright, square cubbies that held our books and brown bag lunches.  She look at me, pointed in my round little face with her chubby little finger and said, "I'm Jennifer.  You can't be Jennifer either."

    I remember feeling hurt.   I didn't know why, but looking back, it's because my name mattered. I mattered.  And someone else wanted to take that away from me. 

    We often take our names for granted, but our names have power.  Our names are the only thing we can take with us when we leave this planet.   Their engraved on our headstones. 

    (Perhaps that's why God is in the business of sometimes changing them for the better.)

    This week, think about your own name.  What is it?  Do you like it?  What does your name mean?  Did you have a name change?  What are your nicknames?

    Your Prompts:  

    • What's the history behind your name?  Try looking it up on a name site like this.

    • Did you ever have a name change by marriage or divorce?  What did your new name mean for you?

    • Why did your parents give you the name that you have?   If you don't know, and they're still around, ask them!

    • When people hear your name, what do you want them to remember?

    I can't wait to see you what you create.

    Art Tips

    • Try playing around in Google Docs or Word with your favorite font, typing your name, and tracing that into your journal.
    • Make a ransom note:  cut out letters from magazines to paste into your journal to form your name.

    Also, the best way to be featured on Instagram would be to photograph your pages in natural lighting on a white background.

    Be sure to tag your public photos with the hashtags #YouMatterJournaling and #YouMatterJournalingPrompt5 too.

    See you soon!


    Jenny Frith