A Theme of Identity

Our YouMatterJournaling theme for last month was all about Gratitude for ourselves.  This month we're going to explore and celebrate our Identity.  If you've not already downloaded the December calendar with our theme and prompts listed, you can do so here.  

    Month 2, Prompt 3

     Your Likes & Dislikes


    Hello lovely friends!   

    This week's YouMatter Journaling Prompt is all about your Likes and Dislikes. 

    Listening to one's own preferences is often difficult for a lot of people... women in particular.  We burden ourselves with a lot of outward expectations and "shoulds".  By doing so, we can find ourselves burying the small, quiet voice inside our hearts that tells us what sparks joy in our own lives.

    It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I really began listening to what I liked and didn't like.  For instance – and this may seem small – I only recently I discovered that I liked the color teal.  Teal makes me feel soothed, energized, and happy all at the same time.  It reminds me of the beach and sunshine and warmth.   There is no further explanation or deep psychological reason other than it makes me feel happy.  So I decided to incorporate more teal into my artwork.  And I hope that the teal in my artwork brings warmth and sunshine into your life too!

    So, for this week, think about what you Like and Dislike, and journal them out.

    Your Prompts:  

    • What do you enjoy?  Make a list of the things that make you happy.  Are they colors?  Certain sounds?  Certain types of people?  What makes your heart sing?

    • What do you dislike?  Make a list of the things that you'd rather avoid if given the choice.  What small or big annoyances get on your nerves? 

    • Look for the things that spark joy in your heart this week.   Pay attention to quiet feelings of happiness.  The feelings could be momentary, but they're there.  Keep a lookout for whatever sparks joy in your heart this week, and record them in your journal.


    Art Tips:

    • Check out this cool hashtag on social media called #meettheartist.  In it, illustrators draw portraits of themselves and make lists of what they like/dislike. I created my own a while back, which is to the right. 
    • Snip out ephemera and glue in your journal to remind you of the things you enjoy.  Do you enjoy a certain type of tea?  Glue the tea bag into your journal.  Did you enjoy going to the movies with your family?  Paste an old movie ticket stub into your pages.

    Note:  the best way to be featured on our Instagram page would be to photograph your pages in natural lighting on a white background.

    And be sure to tag your public photos with the hashtags #YouMatterJournaling and #YouMatterJournalingPrompt7 so that we can find your wonderful work.

    Happy Creating!  I can't wait to see your pages.


    Jenny Frith


    P.S.  A reminder that we will not have a prompt next week.  This will allow us some time to catch up on our pages and enjoy the holidays.  The next prompt will come out on December 30th.  Have a wonderful Christmas!