A Theme of Identity

Our YouMatterJournaling theme for last month was all about Gratitude for ourselves.  This month we're going to explore and celebrate our Identity. 

    Month 2, Prompt 4

    Your Birth Month

    You Matter Journaling - Month 2, Prompt 2

    Our last prompt for this month is here!


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    But first, a quick shout-out to Shelly V., whose YouMatterJournal page for our 5th prompt, Your Name, is adorable.

    You can view more on her instagram page here

    Love seeing all of your pages!

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    Your YouMatter Journaling Prompt for this week is to celebrate your Birth Month

    (Disclaimer:  you can certainly write down your birth date, but for privacy and security as a group, we'll be focusing on the general month.  It's up to you whether you want to reveal your date of birth in your own journal.)

    Your Prompts:  

    • In what month where you born?

    • What was the weather like on the day that you were born?

    • What was the story of your birthday?  If your parents are still living, perhaps you want to ask them to describe the day of your birth.

    • To what do you look forward when that particular particular month comes around every year?  Illustrate those special things in your journal.  (Example:  for September it might be the start of school; for July it might be picnics.)

    Art Tips:

    • To get your creativity flowing:  check out this website for your birthstone.  Explore the meaning of your birthstone, and then use the color of your birthstone in your journal pages.

    Be sure to tag your public photos with the hashtags #YouMatterJournaling and #YouMatterJournalingPrompt8 so that we can find your wonderful work.

    Happy Creating!  I can't wait to see your pages.


    Jenny Frith


    P.S.  I'll be sending the January YouMatter PDF calendars to you on January 1st!  Keep a look out for that in your emails.

    P.P.S.   I'll most likely be winding down the YouMatterJournaling project after January ***unless** you want me to continue it.  If so, send me an e-mail with your thoughts!