A Theme of Adventure

Our YouMatterJournaling theme for last month was all about our Identity.  This month we're going to explore and celebrate Adventures.  It's our final month together doing this free YouMatterJournaling challenge, so let's make it count.  I'll have other projects brewing for you soon!

    Month 3, Prompt 1

    Your Bucket List


    A new year is here.

    Have you thought about what you want to do with the next 365 days... or even the entire span of your life that you've been given?

    Not just the practical things you want to accomplish (like saving a certain amount of money in your 401K), but fun adventures too.  The things that call to you. 

    They may not even make practical sense, but they call out and ask you to pay attention to them.  Often those desires get hushed in the busy-ness of every day living.  We can hear them if we're quiet.

    A Bucket List is made for this purpose.

    It's a brain dump of the seemingly random things you want see, to feel, to taste, to visit, etc. within a particular time-frame.

    Some examples could include:  taking a hot air balloon ride in the next 5 years; skiing the Alps before you turn 60; or something as simple as wanting to take a road trip by yourself to your favorite beach this summer.

    So what is calling to you?

    What is on your list of adventurous things you want to experience in this one precious life that you've been given?

    Your Prompts:  

    • If you don't already have a Bucket List, spend some quiet time making one this week.

    • If you already have a bucket list, what is on it?

    • Think big and broad, with no limitations.

    • Or.... think small and simple and let your mind drift to something you've not done before that would bring you delight and pleasure.

    Additional Tips:

    • Your Bucket List could be a Life Bucket list, a 5 Year Bucket List, or a Summer Bucket List.  It's up to you.
    • Illustrate your bucket list with drawings of what you want to experience.
    • Make a Vision Board in your journal to help your Bucket List come to fruition.

    Be sure to tag your public photos with the hashtags #YouMatterJournaling and #YouMatterJournalingPrompt9 so that we can find your wonderful work.

    Happy Creating!  I can't wait to see your pages.


    Jenny Frith