A Theme of Adventure

Reminder that it's our final month together doing the free YouMatterJournaling challenge, so let's make it count.  I'll have other projects brewing for you soon!

    Month 3, Prompt 2



    This month's YouMatter Journaling theme is all about Adventures, so it might be no surprise that this week's actual prompt is Adventures

    I'm a word nerd, and I love digging into the root sources of language.  Historical definitions help words come alive for me.

    One definition for the word "Adventure" comes from French, dating all the way back to 1300's.  During that time Adventure meant: "a wonder, a miracle; accounts of marvelous thing."

    So this week's prompt will be to focus on that definition of Adventure.

    What wonders, miracles, and accounts of marvelous things have you experienced in your life?  

    Your Prompts:  

    • Journal or illustrate the Adventures you've experienced that have brought wonder into your world.  Were they places you've traveled?  Landmarks you've visited?

    • Going deeper:  What miracles have you witnessed?  Have you ever felt like God brought certain people into your life for a reason?   What types of healing have you seen God do for you? 

    • What Adventures would you like to experience in the near future?

    Art Tips:

    • If you desire to visit a certain place that might bring some added wonder into your life, find a postcard, pictures, or a map of it and paste it into your journal.
    • Illustrate a verse or write a quote that reminds you of Wonder, Miracles, and Accounts of Marvelous Things.

    Be sure to tag your photos with the public hashtags #YouMatterJournaling and #YouMatterJournalingPrompt10 so that we can find your wonderful work.

    Happy Creating!  I can't wait to see your pages.


    Jenny Frith